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TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WJW) – A student from East Tennesee State University who got stranded as she returned home to northeast Ohio for Thanksgiving honors a highway patrol soldier from Ohio, who made sure she got to her destination safely.

On a whim, ETSU student Elise Gaffney decided to take her dog Hank on a road trip to surprise her family in Hudson with a visit for the holidays.

She drove all the way to Canton, Ohio, but her heart ached when she heard an unusual noise as she was driving northbound on Interstate 77 at 1:45 a.m.

Elise Gaffney (Photo provided to FOX 8)

“My rear passenger tire blew up, so you know it was very cold, very dark, very nerve-racking; I was exhausted, ”she said.

Luckily for Elise and Hank, a soldier from the OSHP township post saw Elise’s broken minivan on the side of the freeway and pulled over.

“Honestly, I didn’t really know what to expect. I didn’t know an agent could or would change a tire in the first place, ”she said.

Private Evan Hill attempted to change the tire for Elise but found her spare tire had rusted to the bottom of the van. The soldier called a tow truck driver for help, but he was unable to loosen the rusted spare tire. However, he agreed to tow the van to a garage, and that’s when Trooper Hill offered to drive Elise Gaffney and her dog to her parents’ home in Hudson, about 40 minutes away. of the.

Private Evan Hill with the Ohio State Highway Patrol (provided by OSHP)

“I just felt he went above and beyond,” she said. Elise says that after Trooper Hill made sure she and Hank arrived in Hudson safely, they celebrated a Thanksgiving holiday that she and her family will never forget.

Gaffney says she wanted Trooper Hill recognized for his act of kindness, but found that she didn’t know his name or didn’t have his badge number. So she decided to call the post commander in Canton to let the highway patrol know how grateful she was.

“You know a number of really bad things could have happened and they weren’t, and I was safe and Hank was safe, and it’s reassuring to know that there are people out there. who take care of other people, ”she said.


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